Greater Phoebus Historical Society

Greater Phoebus Historical Society

This community-led group was founded out of a shared love for Phoebus history. At the center of the group's logo is the early 17th century "round mill" from which the community (and body of water) of Mill Creek got its name. "Fons et origo" is the group's motto, which means "source and origin", a nod to the Phoebus area's claim as the oldest continuously-settled English community in the United States.

The group was formed by Phoebus residents Joe Griffith, Tim Receveur, and Ryan Taylor in February 2020 to discuss saving at-risk, historically-signficant structures in the Phoebus area. Meetings were held virtually because of the pandemic but will reconvene as in-person events in 2021. Anyone young or old with a passion for Phoebus history is encouraged to apply at the bottom of this page. More info can also be found at

Among the group's goals and responsibilities are:

  • Preserving for future generations a representative selection of all historic resources (art, books, photographs, oral histories, artifacts, journals, sites, buildings) essential to the understanding of Phoebus history
  • Offering programs and providing educational publications that share Phoebus' past with the public
  • Preserving at-risk local structures and sites that are culturally, architecturally, or historically significant
  • History Walks

    In Fall 2020, the Greater Phoebus Historical Society hosted Phoebus history walking tours that were free for the public. This program will return during the months of nicer weather.

    Saving Historical Structures

    The Greater Phoebus Historical Society has already made its mark on the community by relocating an at-risk historic landmark; the Phoebus Gazebo (built circa 1913). Surveyed as part of the Phoebus Historic District in 2006 and donated by the Wolsh family, the structure will now be restored and a safe, permanent location will be selected for it in Phoebus.

    Volunteers have already put over 800 hours into the scraping and containment of the century-old lead paint on the exterior. As we move into the interior in 2021, we'll continue the removal of lead paint and prepare for wood restoration. The effort would benefit from neighborhood residents skilled in woodworking to help plan the wood repair stage of the project, so if that's you or someone you know, please reach out using the form below. We would love to hear from you and have you contribute to this historic neighborhood project.

    Interested in getting involved? Let's talk history!

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