Chalk the Sidewalk

Create a (temporary) masterpiece for all to see!

Join us April 2-4th as we decorate our Phoebus sidewalks with temporary chalk art! You are invited to draw chalk masterpieces on the sidewalk in front of your house. Don’t have a sidewalk? Find one nearby and make it your canvas! This Phoebus community art initiative aims to spread positivity by bringing us together for a fun all-ages event that we can enjoy in our leisure time. Please use your own chalk if possible. There will be a small amount of free chalk available for those who need it at Robert’s Antiques in Phoebus or by contacting April Receveur. Remember to be safe and wear a mask if drawing with friends, but above all, get out there and enjoy the spring sunshine. See y’all on the sidewalk April 2nd! #PhoebusChalkTheSidewalk

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